About us:

EBC Staffing is a LLP partnership between Shellie Irwin Sullivan and Dave Raatz.

Dave and Shellie first collaborated in 1998 while staffing and building a state-of-the-art call center for a major Minnesota health care provider.

Shellie Irwin Sullivan

Shellie Sullivan has been a Recruiter in the Twin Cities for over 25 years. Shellie has worked for some great organizations as a Corporate Recruiter, Contract Consultant and RPO Professional.

Originally from Waterloo, Iowa, Shellie grew up surrounded by all things John Deere. This early exposure and fascination with engineering has influenced Shellie tremendously to this day.

Hard work, honesty and integrity are at the core of Shellie’s recruitment principals:

Candidates, their needs and priorities are #1, EBC Clients, their needs and priorities #2, and lastly and finally the priority and needs of EBC #3.

With excellent listening skills and observations,  Shellie draws out the details in each and every candidate she places, providing long term placements where the Candidate and Clients mutually benefit, providing excellent ROI.

Dave Raatz, CSM, CPPM

Dave Raatz brings experience in HR, supervision, ISO 9001 quality management certification, business analysis and project management for major Twin Cities employers. This varied expertise helps him to understand the business needs of clients and drive for results in their hiring process. 

As a recruiter, Dave takes pride in ensuring that candidates are a strong match for the positions and companies where they are placed. The only way to accomplish this is to ask questions and build rapport with the candidates and client companies he serves. 

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